Djellaba Blue Stripes
Djellaba Blue Stripes
Djellaba Blue Stripes
Djellaba Blue Stripes
Djellaba Blue Stripes

Djellaba Blue Stripes

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This beautiful piece of clothing has not been valued as it should be in mainstream West European culture. Lucky for you we are like eagles scouting for comfy and great looking outfits and we came across this beauty in Lebanon. Try it and feel the breeze. Let's get it, people.

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  • Wash in a temperature of 40 °C on a normal washing cycle

  • No hot ironing, i.e. up to 110 °C and preferably without steam

  • The garment may not be treated with bleach, it should only be washed with detergents for the colored and fine wax

  • Please do not tumble dry


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