The Djellaba. A lovely robe that provides you the ultimate comfort when wandering around your couch. It would be disrespectful to call it homewear, but boy, it is very comfortable to wear at that place you call home. And now it is here, complete in Pockies fashion.

With origins in the middle east, the Djellaba proves to be a very versatile piece of clothing. During hot summers it helps you cool down and look cool for the breeze will flow through the gaps. In winter it will provide you with the necessary warmth when that rug in front of the fireplace is occupied. Functional? Yes. Very good looking? Yess. Combines well with boxer shorts and socks with pockets? Absolutely. 

Instead of pockets we’ve added two slits to the djellaba. This makes it the ultimate garment to match with your pocketed underwear. Your hand will glide down those gaps, straight into the pockets of your boxers. Is it that genius? It might be!