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Men’s Pockies - Boxer shorts with Pockets

Ahhh, boxer shorts with pockets. A product of comfort invented on the most sacred of places: The Couch. In 2015 three young men started their journey to free themselves and all men, women and children on earth from the horrors of discomfort. When wandering around the house in regular, loose underwear from forgotten brands the boys discovered those boxers were missing something. Something special. Something that could alter the homewear universe forever. Something we now call Pockies.

They had nowhere to put their phones, lighters, remote controls and other useless stuff.  Then, all of a sudden, lightning struck and the three boys knew what to do: They were to add pockets to underwear. They were to create the first pair of boxers with pockets. They were to change the course of history and the course of loungewear. They had a chance to completely change the way people look at the fashion industry. And so it began…

Scraping together their savings gifted as a present by their lovely grandmothers, the boys ordered a first batch of pocketed underwear. On arrival, the boys opened one of the boxes and golden rays of comfortable sunshine hit their faces. Boxer shorts with prints of stripes, checks, hearts, donuts on it, in the most wonderful colors and made from the finest organic cotton. They had done it, they had created the ultimate underwear to spend your life in comfort. Pockies was born.