Peaches ain't Bums

PAB Green - PockiesPAB Green - Pockies
PAB Green
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2-Pack Peaches Giftbox2-Pack Peaches Giftbox
2-Pack Peaches Giftbox
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PAB - PockiesPAB - Pockies
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Lady PeachesLady Peaches - Pockies
Lady Peaches
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Peaches Pyjama Shirt - PockiesPeaches Pyjama Shirt
Peaches Pyjama Shirt
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Peaches Pyjama Pants - PockiesPeaches Pyjama Pants - Pockies
Peaches Pyjama Pants
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Peaches ain't Bums / Boxers, Giftboxes and Pj's (w/m)

PEACHES AIN’T NO BUMS SIRS AND MADAMS. No they are not. Bums are bums and we won’t stand for the sexualization of peaches same as we won't for the fruitification of bums.

Get your facts straight and check out our political statement in the form of our "Peaches ain't Bums" loungewear collection. The realistic portrayal of peaches should sweep any confusion about being butts or not off the table. 

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