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The next step: Socks of course. What better to complete your housefit than a pair of socks designed by your favorite underwear brand? We made socks with hearts, donuts, ice cream and stripes. It’s such a coincidence that we also sell the same patterns on our boxershorts. So for all you matching homewearfreaks out there, match your Sockies and Pockies.

Just to be clear: you are welcome to by other socks from other brands but here at Pockies we offer you the unique chance of matching socks and underwear. From a political point of view that’s completely unimportant, but we’ve reached a point in human evolution that these things are possible so let’s do it. Another nice hook: the discussion on gender, these socks are completely gender neutral so everyone is included. Transgender, male, female and everything in between: yeah you Putin.