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Zaanse Shirt White
Regular price $49.95
Zaanse Shirt Black
Regular price $49.95
Hefla 3
Regular price $49.95
Fried Brick Tee - PockiesFried Brick Tee - Pockies
Fried Brick Tee
Regular price $44.95 $35.96
Daisy Thyme Tee - PockiesDaisy Thyme Tee - Pockies
Daisy Thyme Tee
Regular price $49.95 $39.96
Hot Sauce Tee - PockiesHot Sauce Tee - Pockies
Hot Sauce Tee
Regular price $44.95 $35.96
Zaanse Tube Shirt
Regular price $49.95
Hamburger Tee - PockiesHamburger Tee - Pockies
Hamburger Tee
Regular price $44.95 $35.96
Why do it Tee - PockiesWhy do it Tee - Pockies
Why do it Tee
Regular price $44.95 $35.96
Mediocre Tee - PockiesMediocre Tee - Pockies
Mediocre Tee
Regular price $44.95 $35.96
Not Special Tee - PockiesNot Special Tee - Pockies
Not Special Tee
Regular price $44.95 $35.96
Long Sleeve Thyme - PockiesLong Sleeve Thyme - Pockies
Long Sleeve Thyme
Regular price $49.95 $39.96
Fries Tee - PockiesFries Tee - Pockies
Fries Tee
Regular price $49.95 $39.96
Long Sleeve Hot Sauce - PockiesLong Sleeve Hot Sauce - Pockies
Long Sleeve Hot Sauce
Regular price $49.95 $39.96
Couch Culture Tee O/W - PockiesCouch Culture Tee O/W - Pockies
Couch Culture Tee O/W
Regular price $49.95 $39.96
Long Sleeve Beige - PockiesLong Sleeve Beige - Pockies
Long Sleeve Beige
Regular price $49.95 $39.96
Meer Van Dit - PockiesMeer Van Dit - Pockies
Meer Van Dit
Regular price $44.95



If you think of iconic clothing you wouldn’t immediately think of the T-shirt. But boy, that is some iconic women- and menswear. Everytime we think of the fact that a T-shirt is actually shaped like a ‘T’ we start laughing. Hahahah. We thought of it again.

But is there a place for tees in a Pockies’ homewear collection? Do these pieces of clothing really belong within the Couch Couture universe? The short answer is yes and the long answer is hell yes. Of course we offer t-shirts. They carry prints that represent that lazy lifestyle and make sure you look great on your couch.

And not only that. They’re made in Portugal from the finest and heaviest organic cotton we could find. So not only can we make you look like a beautiful sob, when you are wearing one of our t-shirts you are also supporting your own planet. If that doesn’t make you a happy person, we don’t know what else will.

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