The Crunchiest Press Release Ever

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Pockies: The First Ever Boxer Shorts With Pockets

Thousands of years ago, cavemen invented the wheel. Centuries ago, some smartasses invented the printing press. In 2015 three idiots added their own invention to the list which is most likely to put a halt to human evolution: Pockies – the only boxer short with Pockets.

How has mankind been able to live without it for all these years. Where did Christopher Colombus hide his passport while setting sail for the new world? Where would Tom Hanks have put his wife’s picture during WW-ll? Where did Biggie keep his piece when frisked by the popo? No one knows. Luckily, those days are over.

It all started in the student house of Michiel Dicker (27), Rob ten Hoove (26) and Karel Bosman (29). Dicker was on the couch, in his ‘regular’ underwear, with no place to put his phone. “Wouldn’t it be nice if these boxer shorts had pockets,” he thought out loud. Bosman jumped up and said: “Dude, this is it! Let’s do this!” And so an adventure began.

The three boys put all their savings together and ordered the first batch of Pockies. Two thousand pieces. “Those were exciting times. We were either going to sell, or be stuck with a truckload of underwear for the rest of our lives.” Dicker says. Friends were asked to model, the website was built by themselves.

Sold out
The fear of having a lifetime supply of boxer shorts proved to be unfounded. Within three weeks the first batch was sold out entirely. “We could not believe it. We had to run from our lectures, or skip them altogether, to prepare orders.” a laughing Dicker says. Nowadays the fulfillment is done by a different party. “We chose a distribution centre where people with a distance from the job market work. They are a lot better than we are!”

Swiss army knife
Okay, so a boxer short with pockets, but what is the purpose? “Well,” says Dicker “it is like a Swiss army knife in underwear world.” Besides usage on your lazy weekends, you can also use the pockets to store your music when running or keep your stuff safe on travels. “We also have a lot of customers with diabetes who want to store their insulin pump discreetly.” Dicker tells us.

Perfect Fit
Besides pockets there was one other very important aspect in creating the perfect boxer short: The fit. “We hated the fact that other boxer shorts would provide a first row view of our crown jewels when we sat down.” says Dicker. “That’s why we created our boxer short with fitted legs. This way it won’t crawl up and you don’t have to present your friends and family with your precious parts.”

Crossing the border
But the ambition of the three entrepreneurs does not stop at the Dutch border. “Every person in the world should be able to experience a pair of Pockies. Our focus will now be on the USA.” It is our lifelong dream to rid the world of pants and give people the freedom they deserve.

Note for the editor
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