Most brands and media will tell you that you are special, meant for greatness and will change the world as long as you practice what they preach and buy their products. These false promises make people consume more than needed, create a great deal of disappointment and will ultimately lead to burnouts, unrealistic life goals and undesirable envy.

That’s why we are proposing the opposite.

Almost no one is special and that collective mediocrity is a beautiful thing in itself. We urge people to be comfortable with who they are and what they are doing, and especially with what they are not doing. You are no superstar, astronaut, professional athlete, modern day genius or descendant of an ancient God. You are just a human as regular as the next. And that’s perfectly fine.

Maybe we are just as money hungry as those other brands because we sell clothes for those moments of mediocrity but at least we will be honest about it. We won’t help you achieve anything except for comfort and semi good looks. It wont change the world for the better but also not for the worst. So just, do you, get comfy and remember:

No you can't.
You will not do great things.
You are not special.

Pockies: Nothing but Couch Couture.


We've invented the first ever Boxer Shorts with pockets for you to enjoy the freedom of not wearing pants while having the comfort of pockets.

Since people bought the ultimate freedom of pocketed boxers we've tried to expand our product line to all things comfortable.