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Daisy Boxer Briefs Pocketless - PockiesDaisy Boxer Briefs Pocketless - Pockies
Daisy Boxer Briefs Pocketless
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Anchor Boxer Briefs Pocketless - PockiesAnchor Boxer Briefs Pocketless - Pockies
Anchor Boxer Briefs Pocketless
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Pocketless Dirty Luv - PockiesPocketless Dirty Luv - Pockies
Pocketless Dirty Luv
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What? Is this real? Did the inventors of the boxer shorts with pockets just go one step further? Are those boys at Pockies mad? Could it be true they also designed the next next step in men’s clothing? They sure did. It seems like a crazy idea, but the three boys came up with underwear without pockets! 

Why do you ask? Well because there seemed to be a certain demographic that did not see the need for pockets in their homewear. A crazy thought, we know, but Pockies is a family for all and we like to be inclusive. Inclusive, and we love to make more money of course. So we put one and one together and gifted the world with a very nice pair of very regular boxer shorts. 

This one's for the not-so-revolutionary types. Men who like their underwear clean and simple. Simple patterns, nice fabrics, a little loose and just perfect when not in the need of pockets. If you have an uncle, best friend, father or son that doesn’t want to live a wild life, you best gift them these boxers as a present. It will be the best they’ve never had.


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