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Anchor Pyjama Shirt - PockiesAnchor Pyjama Shirt - Pockies
Anchor Pyjama Shirt
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Peaches Pyjama Shirt - PockiesPeaches Pyjama Shirt
Peaches Pyjama Shirt
Regular price $64.95 $45.47
Tiger Red Pyjama Shirt - PockiesTiger Red Pyjama Shirt - Pockies
Tiger Red Pyjama Shirt
Regular price $64.95 $45.47
Anchor Pyjama PantsAnchor Pyjama Pants - Pockies
Anchor Pyjama Pants
Regular price $64.95 $45.47
Peaches Pyjama Pants - PockiesPeaches Pyjama Pants - Pockies
Peaches Pyjama Pants
Regular price $64.95 $45.47
Tiger Red Pyjama Pants - PockiesTiger Red Pyjama Pants - Pockies
Tiger Red Pyjama Pants
Regular price $64.95 $45.47
Lady PeachesLady Peaches - Pockies
Lady Peaches
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Leopard Djellaba - PockiesLeopard Djellaba - Pockies
Leopard Djellaba
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Blue Striped Pyjama Shorts - PockiesBlue Striped Pyjama Shorts - Pockies
Lady Blue Doubles
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Expensive Black Pyjama Shirt - PockiesExpensive Black Pyjama Shirt
Expensive Black Pyjama Shirt
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Sam's Pyjama Shirt - PockiesSam's Pyjama Shirt - Pockies
Sam's Pyjama Shirt
Regular price $79.95 $55.97
Leopard Pyjama Shirt - PockiesLeopard Pyjama Shirt - Pockies
Leopard Pyjama Shirt
Regular price $64.95 $45.47
Expensive Black Pyjama Pants - PockiesExpensive Black Pyjama Pants - Pockies
Expensive Black Pyjama Pants
Regular price $64.95 $45.47
Sam's Pyjama Pants - PockiesSam's Pyjama Pants
Sam's Pyjama Pants
Regular price $64.95 $45.47
Leopard Pyjama Pants - PockiesLeopard Pyjama Pants - Pockies
Leopard Pyjama Pants
Regular price $64.95 $51.96
Lady Tiger RedLady Tiger Red - Pockies
Lady Tiger Red
Regular price $35.95 $28.76
Spotted Pyjama Pants - PockiesSpotted Pyjama Pants
Spotted Pyjama Pants
Regular price $64.95 $45.47
Lady Pink DoublesLady Pink Doubles
Lady Pink Doubles
Regular price $35.95 $28.76
Green Doubles Pyjama Shirt - PockiesGreen Doubles Pyjama Shirt - Pockies
Green Doubles Pyjama Shirt
Regular price $64.95 $45.47



You don’t need a group of gifted researchers to find out what to do when your lovely Pockies’ customers, mainly men but certainly some women as well, can’t get enough of your boxer shorts with pockets. You create longer boxers with pockets called Pyjama Pants. The same level of comfort but with three times the length. Your legs never were this comfy, warm and good looking. 

Can you see yourself lying down on the couch or that rug in front of the fireplace? No? Well we can see you doing it. And you look amazing. And not only will this Couch Couture look make you sparkle like a fancy present, you will also feel the warm embrace of 100% organic cotton around your limbs. 

These lounge pants are here for you or for you to give as a present to a loved one, friend or enemy. Rumor has it that IF these pyjama pants were around during WWI and both sides had given these as a little gift the war would have stopped immediately. But sadly, that’s something we will never know. 

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