Pockies® Socks // Organic and equiped with a heavied footbed


6-Pack Blue Striped Socks6-Pack Blue Striped Socks
6-Pack Blue Striped Socks
Regular price $46.99
3-Pack Striped Socks3-Pack Striped Socks
3-Pack Striped Socks
Regular price $25.99
2-Pack Tiger Socks2-Pack Tiger Socks
2-Pack Tiger Socks
Regular price $17.99
Blue Striped SocksBlue Striped Socks
Blue Striped Socks
Regular price $11.99
Tiger Beige SocksTiger Beige Socks
Tiger Beige Socks
Regular price $11.99
Tiger Red SocksTiger Red Socks
Tiger Red Socks
Regular price $11.99
Coral Striped SocksCoral Striped Socks
Coral Striped Socks
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Black Striped SocksBlack Striped Socks
Black Striped Socks
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Zaanse SocksZaanse Socks
Zaanse Socks
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Ceizer's Pocket Socks
Regular price $14.99
Purple Pocket Socks
Regular price $14.99
College Pocket Socks
Regular price $14.99
3-Pack Black Striped Socks3-Pack Black Striped Socks
3-Pack Black Striped Socks
Regular price $25.99
6-Pack Striped Socks6-Pack Striped Socks
6-Pack Striped Socks
Regular price $46.99


From the gift givers at Pockies that brought you boxer shorts with pockets, pyjama pants, djellaba’s and more we proudly present to you: Socks. What? Did I hear that correctly? Socks? Socks? Yes you heard that right. The thing about these socks is that they are extra comfy. The footbed is heavied for comfort purposes. 

If you take a closer look at these sport-like socks you see there is a much more to love. These Socks are made from the softest organic cotton. They not only cuddle your feet, they cuddle the MF planet. And when they do cuddle your feet, they cuddle you with a heavied, comfortable footbed. This way you don’t even have to wear shoes.  

And some of them have pockets. You could put your credit card, phone, phone number, lighter or gifts in those pockets. Or you can leave those pockets empty and give a pair of these badboys to your best friend, family member or secret loved one.

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