Pockies® - Boxer Shorts with Pockets - Couch Culture™

Zaanse x PockiesZaanse x Pockies
Zaanse x Pockies
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    Zebra Brown
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        Money & MisdaadMoney & Misdaad
        Money & Misdaad
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          SOME PJ'S
          Pink Doubles Pyjama Pants
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            Sam's Pyjama PantsSam's Pyjama Pants
            Sam's Pyjama Pants
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              Spotted Pyjama Pants
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                Double Striped Pyjama Pants
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                  SOME POCKET SOCKS
                  White Socks
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                    College Socks
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                      Black Socks
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                        Purple Socks
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                          COUCH GALLERY
                          Man in pool
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                            Couch Crew
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                              Noodle eating woman
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                                Lamp Woman
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                                  WOMEN'S FAVS
                                  Pink Doubles Lady
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                                    Anchor Lady
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                                      Love Dirty Lady
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                                        Navy Donuts Lady
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                                          WIWA X POCKIES

                                          BURGER WITH A SIDE OF BOXERS

                                          THE PROCESS

                                          SOME SWEATERS
                                          New Logo Hoodie Black
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                                            Blue Crewneck
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                                              Big Purple Logo hoodie
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                                                Lila Hoodie - Sweater - PockiesLila Hoodie - Sweater - Pockies
                                                Lila Hoodie
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                                                  Pockies: The World of Couch Couture

                                                  Welcome to Pockies: the biggest Couch Couture brand in the world. We are here to make your time on the couch as comfortable as can be. How? With the finest homewear your search engine could find.

                                                  It all started out with boxer shorts with pockets, but in the course of our loungewear history we’ve also created pyjama pants, djellaba’s, pyjama shorts for women, hoodies, Pocket Socks, mayonnaise, t-shirts, sleeping masks and more. Much more. And all that stuff is made from the best organic combed cotton. So not only is our clothing supersoft for you, it is also supersoft for the planet. If someone gave out Oscars for best homewear in the world, we’d probably win one maybe.

                                                  All our pieces of apparel, for men and women, will embrace you like a second skin. That might sound disgusting, but it is in fact, amazing. Wrap yourself up in our heavenly goodness whilst skipping another episode of your favorite reality show. Experience what it’s like to spend days in pyjama pants and let your feet wander through that fuzzy carpet. Or protect those feet from cold marble floors with our Pocket socks with heavied footbed. From now on your monday feels like a sunday and you living room breathes love.

                                                  I hear you thinking, “are all these lovely products from Pockies only suited for myself?” HahahahahahAha, great question! The answer: no. Our products are the perfect gift for every occasion. Surprise friends and enemies on their birthdays, during holiday season, on father’s day or date night with one, two or three Couch Couture items. Believe us, it will be a party of a lifetime and the receiver of the gift will probably promote you to best friends’ status, favorite family member or colleague of the year. A scenario we don’t want to take away from both parties.

                                                  So, you know what to do now. Let all those beautiful products sink in. Throw some stuff in the shopping cart. Make a well considered impulsive decision and tell everyone you know about your new favorite brand. Your life just got a tad more relaxt.

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