Swimwear (Shorties)


We got you! Make sweet love to this summer in our new collection of ‘Shorties”. The label “swimshorts” wouldn’t suffice. These shorts are made to be worn all summer. It’s made out of 10 recycled plastic bottles that would have killed a baby elephant if they were not picked up from the ground. Wear these to the beach, the bar, a ballroom or to the botanical garden where you’ve organised a romantic surprise dinner for that very special person. That very special person will be a little bit upset you are showing up in shorts but she/he should understand you are making a statement against a socio-economic class society where expensive suits are used by the fortunate to separate themselves from the “lower” classes.

Wooow wooow relax Karl Marx. Go have some fun this summer.

Ps: There is no itchy inner mesh so you can wear Pockies underneath, or not!