Men are being abused by an unhealthy, self centered, abs promoting, backshaving, quinoa pushing commercial industry. The way we see ourselves is affected by rockhard abs and silky smooth shaven skin and we say NO MORE. We need a new hero who can show our people that having a little fat, crooked teeth, an hair in places you haven’t even been is beautiful.

In short…. We need YOU to become the face of our sexsymbol summer campaign in 2020.


The image of the average man is being threatened. Massive corporate fashion brands are constructing a unrealistic and impossible physical standard. The men of our country are indoctrinated by advertisers promoting rock hard abs, crystal clear skin and blinding white teeth. Consequently men feel the need to eat quinoa, go to the gym at six in the morning, whiten their teeth and talk to each other about the shape of their calves. At Pockies we say no more. We like to keep it real, see people as people and try not to take ourselves too serious. We would like to put an end to these artificial beauty standards by honouring the average man, making him a sexsymbol again. It’s okay to have a bit of a belly, hair on your back and callus on your hands from working the dirtiest factory you could find. We’d like to ask you to take your realest, ordinary and therefore natural pose, make a picture hand it in below and wait for our non professional jury to declare you the winner.  You will be the face of our new Summer sex symbol campaig, starring in a professional photoshoot before your realnes will be actively promoted by Pockies Underwear throughout the nation.


- Get your camera phone out.
- Be you like you do best and capture that.
- Submit the picture below.


You'll become the ambassador for real men all over the world. The results of your professional photoshoot will star in our next summer campaign. On top of that, you'll receive our entire collection of boxer shorts. And yes... they have pockets.