JOB OPENING // $500,- a DaY


Where: your own couch
When: a day of your choice
What time: 14:00 - 18:00
Salary: $500,-


At Pockies, we recognize the value of great boxershorts. We not only wear them for the better half of our lives, but they also carry and protect our most precious assets. We find that the average quality of most men’s underwear out there is inexcusable. It seems like most brands don’t give a rat’s ass about protecting your crown jewels.

We do.

And know this sounds weird. Our boxershorts are fitted in such a way you can comfortably sit on a couch without flashing your goods to the world. Yes, we mean your balls won’t fall out. Special fit aside, it’s all about the patterns. Classic, smooth, kinda hot but always simple. So, it looks amazing and fits like a glove. Is that all we’ve got? No. We’ve added pockets baby. This gives you the freedom of not needing to wear pants while still having handy pockets.


As an Amsterdam based company, we are new to the American market. We know all about the European man and how he likes to spend his time pantsless around the house.

The American man and his lounging needs, however, are new to us. In our search for knowledge about calmer lifestyles, we need to get to the bottom of these cultural differences. That is why we need an American man specialised in the ancient art of relaxing.

The only thing we ask of our perfect candidate? Spend a day in his home wearing our beautiful boxer shorts. After this difficult task we will send you a list with super important questions about couch culture. To ensure the people of the United States of America can relax in the most stylish way.


* $500,-
* No career perspective whatsoever
* A week's supply of Pockies
* Unlimited snacks on test day


* Monopolize your couch
* Absorb a lot of snacks
* Watch and criticize TV
* Comment on wearing Pockies
* Prevent climate change
* Nap about one third of the time


* Are 18 or older
* Live somewhere in the USA
* Are semi-skilled in using the alphabet
* Are not motivated at all
* Are not a team player
* Lack social skills
* Lack all forms of initiative
* Have lifelong experience in wearing boxer shorts (with and/or without pockets)