Welcome to our online shop, probably the best place in the world if you’re looking to get boxer shorts with pockets. If you’re a rookie, we recommend our Dirty Love Pockies (the one covered in hearts). Also, Baby Stripes might be something for you (the one with the baby blue stripes). For something more daring, check out Hef Bundy’s Pockies.

I can tell you all about it but in the end, it’s your butt, so your choice. Check them out and try them on. The shape is perfect and the fabric is as smooth as a freshly shaved baby. This way we can guarantee you the most comfortable couch sessions you will ever have.

Comfort should be available for all sexes (not only for men), so recently we made Pockies for women. It’s not so much underwear as it is loungewear, but you can use it for whatever you like because that’s what we sell: Freedom.