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Women’s Pyjama Shorts

What do you get when you let the three Pockies boys create the perfect lounge gift for women? Pockies Women’s Pyjama Shorts of course. At first glance it might seem like a simple variation on the world famous boxer shorts with pockets but on second glance you find out that is exactly what it is. But with a nice little drawcord to make a nice little knot.

We’ve asked our mothers, sisters, former teachers and girlfriends what they thought would be the best possible fit for ladies shorts. Turns out they all had very different views on the requirements of homewear. That’s why we’ve written all their advice on paper, put it in a gift box and picked a random selection of notes. Some wanted nice prints, others a loose and snuggy fit. Some wanted the pockets filled with chocolate, others wanted shorts in all colors of the rainbow like pink, blue, zebra, panther or hearts. Some of those are not even colors.

But we got the message. We started testing different kinds of loungewear. We tested for the perfect shape, fit and look. And then, some years ago we presented the first ladies pyjama shorts to the world entirely made of the best organic cotton we could find. And guess what? Both women and men loved it.