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Mankind. The species that tamed elements and lions, invented the printing press, space rockets and mayonaise and can’t stop bragging about having opposable thumbs. Millions of years of evolution, however, haven’t led to prosperity and progress alone. Man is also responsible for wars, child beauty pageants and burnouts.

Fortunately, in 2015, three yung boys set on a journey to conquer these horrors. In their search for comfort, peace and freedom they tested countless recipes, chemical structures and foreign reality tv shows to obtain their goal. Then, one day, lightning struck and the trio immediately knew its life purpose: They were to create the world’s most comfortable housefit. The name of their enterprise? Pockies.

Since that fateful day Pockies has fought for the existence of Couch Culture. First, with boxer shorts with pockets, later with an entire array of products to be worn on and around the couch. All with one larger idea in mind: to free the people of discomfort.


Rob, Karel, Michiel


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