Boxer Briefs

Studies show that over 80% of all men wear a more closed knitted stretchy type of boxers called Boxer Briefs. Until now, these men were therefore unable to enjoy the endless possibilities of Pockets in their underwear. 

It might have been easier if we had just looked the other way, leaving this large but misguided demographic to their own fate. That would mean they would have been destined to depend on the horrible confinement of jeans when wanting to carry life essentials such as phones, twinkies, lighters, remote controls or tamagotchi. Apparently no other underwear company felt responsible for the comfort of these men so we set out to save the unfortunate from discomfort.

Not surprisingly it wasn’t even difficult to create a super comfortable, organic pair of Boxer Briefs with Pockets completing our life's work: Comfort for all men.

Wakanda forever!