Sport Underwear with Pockets - Boxer Briefs from Pockies


With two side pockets to stuff
your phone, keys, cards and more.



Hi there sporty man. You love sports right? You love spending time in the gym right? You just love those outdoor HIIT trainings right? Pushing weights, pulling on cords, running in the open air or on a treadmill and skipping rope and what not? That’s right. You love sports.

Well we’ve got just the stuff for you. We made you the perfect pair of underwear for your next workout session. A selection of boxer briefs made from organic cotton to be as breathable as can be when you are working out like the high protein raging bull you are. Boxers fitted to provide you with the right amount of stretch when you’re doing a set of squats. A pair of briefs so good looking all your fellow gym folks will stare at you with a look of praise.

But that’s not all. All our boxer briefs are equipped with a set of pockets. Have you ever noticed sports shorts never have pockets? Weird right? It feels like the gym industry doesn’t want you to carry your phone while exercising. But your boys over here at Pockies don’t play that way. We say “Here, have this pocket to stash your phone, keys, gymcard and other stuff while working out. You deserve it you athlete”. So from now on, no need to worry about where to put your stuff when you are going out for your next gym sesh. Our boxers with pockets got you covered. 


Want to look like a dangerous predator in the gym? Consider buying these tiger-zebra inspired pair of boxer briefs with pockets. You'll not only look very cool and collected but also like someone who isn't afraid to lift a couple of heavy kettlebells off of the ground.

Those two side pockets will come in handy to store all those belongings on your next morning run, that crossfit training in the park or that high intensity workout program in your own home.

95% Organic cotton
5% Elastane
0% Lava
2 side pockets
Available in sizes S to XXL
Team tested fit
Designed in Amsterdam
Made in Turkey


Looks great right? From now on you will never have to worry about not having pockets in your sport shorts, tracksuits or speedo's. We've got underwear for every sport and sizes for all types of athletes. Always keep your stuff close when running that marathon, cycling up a hill or throwing a dumbell in the air or whatever you guys do to get fit. 

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